So, you want to know more about me?

I’m an espresso and croissant craving adventurer, story-telling visual artist, creative director, and internationally certified colour designer.

A Few Surprising Facts About Me…

As well as being an artist, author, creative director, and internationally certified colour designer, I’m also known to be an adventurer, storytelling filmmaker, and entrepreneurial creator.

As an adventurer, I’ve flown a paraglider solo to 10,000 feet. And flown with my husband tandem in a foot-launched hang glider to 16,000 feet in the High Sierras and a powered hang glider to 14,000 feet above the peak of Mt. Whitney, CA.

As a storyteller and independent filmmaker, I’ve been executive producer, stylist, and camerawoman on over 40 films on light sport aviation – hang gliding, paragliding, and powered hang gliding.

As an entrepreneurial creator, I’m executive producer, creative director, stylist, and camerawoman at Adventure Productions LLC, an award-winning, full-service multimedia production company, and creative director at Sport Aviation Center, a flight school in Carson City, NV.

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The book.

What Is My Fascinating Individual Style? brings the concept, method, and framework of Fascinating Individual Style™ to you.

In this book, I take you step-by-step on a journey of discovery to find your fascinating individual style by bridging the gap between who and what you are and how you express yourself to help answer many questions, but most importantly, “Who am I, and what do I want to be known for?”

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