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What Is My Fascinating Individual Style?

Because that fascinating life you dream of -
It'll show up the moment you do.

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What Is My Fascinating Individual Style? brings the concept and framework of Fascinating Individual Style™ to you.

A lot of individuals talk about it. Yet very few understand it. Even fewer know how to identify it, let alone create or manage it. Still, everyone wants it. What is it? Style…of course. In particular…personal style. More specifically…individual style.

Why? We all need — crave and seek out — opportunities to learn and discover — to express our feelings and dreams and to communicate our ever-evolving selves.

Now, I believe that you were born for a reason. You have specific gifts, expertise, and experiences for a reason. You are uniquely designed to live a particular kind of life.

You want your life to stand for something more. For something bigger, grander, or more important.

You’re looking for ways to incorporate more beauty, purpose, and fulfillment into your life, career, and business.

You want to bring just a bit more delight, prosperity, and humanity into the world.

All you need are a few easy tools, skills, and encouragement to make yourself and your world more beautiful and feel more vital and harmonious.

And, if you’re like me, you are no longer satisfied with the disjointed aspect of style… with different specialists working on it from different points of view and entry points — image consultant, brand designer, art consultant, interior designer. It makes it difficult sometimes to see the bigger picture.

Aesthetic, beauty, vitality, style, image, self-expression — they’re all a huge part of an individual’s personal life. But due to the disconnected points of view, no one has united it all under one fundamental philosophy. Until now.

I developed a holistic concept and framework while working with individuals (adventurers, dreamers, truth seekers), creatives (designers, photographers, storytellers, artists), and strategists (entrepreneurs, business owners, planners, marketers), to help them balance the individual, business, and creative aspects of showing up in the world.

In this book, I take you step-by-step on a journey of discovery to find your fascinating individual style by bridging the gap between who and what you are and how you express yourself to help answer many questions, but most importantly, “Who am I, and what do I want to be known for?”

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